Most of our manufacturers provide a warranty for their products, extending up to 12 months. If you have inquiries regarding specific product warranties, feel free to reach out to us. It's important to note that this warranty is applicable for residential use only and does not cover products placed in commercial settings.

The warranty becomes void if a non-contract viable product is used in a commercial or non-residential environment. Additionally, any modifications, including re-upholstering, made by a dealer, trade partner, or any person will render the warranty null and void. This warranty excludes conditions or damages not classified as defects, such as neglect, misuse, abuse, accidents, unintended strain or use, incorrect maintenance, cleaning, or care, and damage resulting from alcohol, water, fabric dye transfer, cleaning substances or liquid damage, exposure to sunlight, household humidity, or improper application of chemical treatments or protective coatings by the consumer. Markings on the underside of the product are not considered defects.

Please be aware that there are no warranties, returns, or exchanges on discontinued and/or clearance-priced products.


Our frame and suspension system are warranted to be free of defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months, under normal residential care and use. This warranty is valid only for the original owner as long as the furniture is upholstered in its original fabric.

Fabrics are traditionally NOT guaranteed against wear, fading, or shrinking due to their usage in various settings. Fabrics are warranted for six months against defective material or workmanship and unusual wear resulting from normal residential use and care.

This warranty does not cover wear, fading, shrinkage, fabric slubs (normal in woven fabric construction), stretching, dye transfer, or natural wear or marks in fabrics like velvets or chenilles with a nap. If fabric protection or other chemical treatments are applied, the warranty is replaced and voided. Damage or failure of fabric due to heavy soiling or improper cleaning is not covered. Cushion and pillow covers should never be machine washed, as they may shrink, affecting seam integrity. Eupen Furniture is not responsible for damage resulting from machine washing.

We warrant all cushion cores not to collapse for a period of 12 months under normal residential care and use. While foams and filling materials will soften and conform to the shape of users over time, this is considered normal wear and is not a defect. Regular maintenance of seat cushions and back pillows is essential to promote appearance and even wear.

Seams are reinforced using the latest sewing technology. Please inspect all seams upon receiving your sofa and report any defects within seven days. Any defects in workmanship should become apparent within three months of usage and are covered for a period of six months.


As marble is a natural material, unique veining, pitting, fissures, micro-cracks, and color variations are characteristics that add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece and are not considered defects.


Since wood is an organic, porous material, these pieces will contain natural variations in texture and may exhibit fine indentations and cracks. Wood pieces will also display a disparity of color and grain, and visible knots and burls are characteristics that add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece and are not considered defects. Solid wood, by nature, will expand and contract in response to the environment's humidity and temperature, and over time, cracks may develop.